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    Standard Blind Rivet
    Grooved Blind Rivets
    Multigrip Blind Rivets
    Peel Blind Rivets
    Sealed Blind Rivets
    Triple Claw Blind Rivets (light weight construction)
    Triple Claw Blind Rivets (construction) Domed Head
    High-Strength Blind rivets Domed Head
    Premium Lock Domed Head with grooved mandrel
    Rivet Nuts (Inserts)
    Riveting Tools
    Solid Rivet, Tubular Rivet
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    Products Showroom
    ·A-INOX Domed Head with grooved mandrel  
     Download PDF file of product Specifications

    evenly formed closing head and a large bearing area provide high strength,good pressure on the face of riveting holes, even with noncircular ones,highly resistant against vibrations,with a fitting drill hole the connection is splash-proof
    The particular deformation of the rivet body after setting this type of blind rivet connection especially suitable for high requirements, e.g.
    • car industry
    • construction works
    • tank construction
    • air-conditioning
    • furniture industry
    and many others
     Download PDF file of product Specifications

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